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Thread: sweetening sour baby food

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    Default sweetening sour baby food

    need some advice...

    i'm making all my 6 month old's baby foods and today i did apricots but they are very tart. is there any way to sweeten them that is safe for baby?

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    Default Re: sweetening sour baby food

    What if you mixed them with something? Like bananas or yogurt or something like that...I don't eat apricots, so I dont' know what goes good with them.
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    Default Re: sweetening sour baby food

    Typically mixing in apple sauce does the trick for most things. But don't discount them just because they're tart. You don't want to sweeten everything. Tart isn't bad, it's just tart! Babe may like it.

    Go here: www.wholesomebabyfood.com for recipes.
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    Default Re: sweetening sour baby food

    Yeah, babies often like tart! My 13 month old will suck on lemons.

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    Default Re: sweetening sour baby food

    that's hard...my LO likes tart depending on the day. she'll suck on a lime but reject an apricot if not ripe enough for her palate . same with peaches, pears, mangoes, canteloupe, strawberries, etc. i'd say just wait as long as possible until the fruit is as ripe as possible, keep offering b/c somedays they might be accepted when rejected on the previous day also get ready to eat a LOT of fruit leftovers. at least they're healthy snacks right?
    oh, we also tried giving a bit of plain greek yogurt with tart fruits and they were accepted, not sure if you're giving yogurt yet though.
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