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Thread: How long does it take

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    Default How long does it take

    So DS will be one next month and I want to pump wean by the end of his 12th month. I am still planning on nursing him in the morning and evening until he is ready to wean...but I am just ready to be done pumping at work!!

    Right now I am pumping one to two times a day at work and within the first 5 min I have 10oz to 15oz depending on if I pump once or twice! Supply is most def not an issue we have a plentiful supply! But that is what worries me...will it take longer for my body to adjust to not pumping during the day? On the days that I only pump once I am VERY uncomfortable until i am able to pump and then by the time I get out of work I am very uncomfortable and DS better be ready for a snack!! He is to the point at daycare that he only takes two 5oz bottles and then transitioning into table food so I really don't need to pump more than once at work because then I will have more than what I need for him for the day.

    I guess I am just not sure where to begin and how long it should take...should I just stick with pumping only once during the day and stick through the uncomfortable times until my body adjusts?? and then how do I go from one time to none...do I just stop? I'm afraid that since I have such a great supply (which I'm not complianing about at all) will I end up with a plugged duct or mastitis because I haven't pumped during the day!

    any suggestions would be great!
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    Default Re: How long does it take

    I also had very plentiful supply, and I did have to go very slowly with pump weaning. First I backed down to once a day, and did that for a long time. Then I slowly started pushing that one pumping later in the day, until I just hold on until I got home and could nurse Joe (that worked better for me than shortening an earlier session for some reason, I think just because once I sit down to the pump, like you, I get this MASSIVE let down, and if I don't empty my breasts pretty well, a short pumping can actually make me MORE uncomfortable!).

    But at one point, I pushed it too far, and got a nasty clogged duct, just in time for a night meeting I had to attend, so I couldn't even go home and nurse my baby and get some rest. That sucked!!! So definitely take it SLOWLY. Never go so long without pumping that your breasts start to feel hard and lumpy and hurt. You want to go until you feel "full" because otherwise your body won't get the signal that the milk is not needed. But you want to avoid getting engorged. It's a fine line.

    After I cut down to once a day, the whole process took about a month. I have to say, once a day was pretty easy and do-able, though. At that point, it was the schlepping of the breast pump every day that was bugging me more than the actual pumping, which was pretty minimal. I have to travel a lot for work, so I had to carry it home almost every night.

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