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Thread: transition from bottle to BF

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    Default transition from bottle to BF

    We are finally working on transitioning from bottle feeding to breastfeeding. On the recommendation of LC we are using a nipple shield which lets my DS actually approach my breast (otherwise he wanted nothing to do with it seeing as he thinks food comes from plastic). Anyone else had to transition with a nipple shield first?

    Yesturday was the second day trying at the breast every feed and he would suck everytime. I really think he was only feeding two of these times and one time he got enough milk out to make my breast soft but I was doing compressions the whole time. I don't know if he is actually latched or if he's just sucking what gets expressed into the shield.

    This is another new learning curve for us as I was first used to him taking formula and then EBM but always knew how much. Will be relying on diapers from now on I guess. Overall he seems much happier. Alot less gas and longer naps but I don't think he is eating nearly the same amount as when he was exclusively bottle feeding. LC thought he was over feeding with the bottle but the info from the health unit says 25oz + for 6wks to 6 months. Any comments on the amount of milk need for a 6 week old? Or should I forget about the amounts totally and just trust the diaper output?

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    Default Re: transition from bottle to BF

    I think you could drive yourself crazy figuring out how much he is eating. Use diaper output, his disposition and of course growth. Since he has been using the nipple shield, have you tried the bait and switch yet? Letting him suck a bit from the nipple shield, then popping him off long enough to remove the shield and then let him relatch? Many moms have found that a helpful trick in getting them to realize the nipple is their friend. I used a shield with my daughter for a short time and did that a few times until I just tossed the shield and refused to use it.

    This site was helpful to me when both of my children had nipple confusion.
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    Default Re: transition from bottle to BF

    I'd just watch the diapers.

    My second child had sucking issues, and we had to put him on a bottle for a couple of months. When he started to make the transition, I used a nipple shield with a supplemental nursing system (he not only liked silicone, but he wanted a faster flow and needed encouragement to suck till let down). Eventually, once I had a let down, I could remove the shield and let him suck. It took us lots of time and patience and trying a variety of tactics (multiple tactics during one nursing session often), but he started nursing from one side by about two months and on both sides by about four months.

    We did have weight issues, and I actually weighed him before and after each feeding for a long time, but the weight issues and the eating actually improved when he went to the breast instead of the bottle. (Remember he had a suck problem, so when that started resolving, we just focused on the breast and let him master that.)

    If weight hasn't been a problem, I'd just recommend that you make sure he's wet and poopy as appropriate for his age.

    Hope this helps.

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