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Thread: Return to Work - Transitioning 12 month old

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    Default Return to Work - Transitioning 12 month old

    A few months ago I had a question about feeding and sleeping and such and you all were so helpful I've returned with my newest quandary.

    I've returned to working and my son Kai will be 1 on June 18th. My new job is coordinating a summer day camp. So far I've mostly been doing planning work from home, or with a babysitter coming for two or three hour chunks overlapping with Kai's naps. Nursing hasn't really been interrupted or altered.

    Our camps start on June 20th and my schedule is going to become unpredictable then (and I'll have a caregiver for Kai). I won't have to be on site with the campers all day every day, but some days I might be away from Kai for as many as 7 hours. Right now he tends to nurse mostly before his morning and afternoon naps and I will often need to miss one or both of those. Pumping opportunities will be virtually nonexistent as I'll be supervising children when I'm away from him (and he despises the bottle anyway).

    One further complexity: I'll be directing the camps as above for a week and a half, then we're going out of town for two weeks to a festival where he'll be with me almost all day. Then back to work again.

    I'm not too concerned about his adjustment to not nursing during the day. I have on occasion been gone for up to five hours e goes down fine for naps without me there and no bottle. I am more concerned about me - I'm a little bit prone to plugged ducts and seven hours is a long time (especially if it's erratic - gone one long day and not the next).

    Should I try and get a manual pump and find a way to carve out five minutes of privacy on those days when I'm gone a lot? I may not even have that, since we'll be out in the woods without even a bathroom most of the time. Not sure if that'll be enough to make a difference, and when I've tried manual pumps before I've never managed to get anything. Do I start tapering off the nursing now? What about those two weeks we're traveling?

    Also: For a just-barely-1-year-old, what do people think about cow's milk vs water vs… I'm not sure what else, during the days while I'm gone?

    Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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    Default Re: Return to Work - Transitioning 12 month old

    At a almost a year old, you should be fine offering cow's milk and skipping the yucky formula altogether. At a year old, most working mamas are able to pump wean without problems, so you will probably be okay. However, since you are prone to blocked ducts, I would try to bring a manual pump along for the first couple days to be safe in case you start feeling engorged.
    FWIW with my first, I was working two 10 hour shifts a week and I was able to pump wean at a year. I am also prone to blocked ducts.

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    Default Re: Return to Work - Transitioning 12 month old

    By the year point you should be able to trust your body to regulate. Bring a manual pump JIC to relieve any engorgement that comes up. And I went from being home full time to working fulltime at 14months and I never pumped and I continued to nurse on demand while together. My son wasn't interested in cow's milk at that time and I knew that as long as he was still nursing 3-5times in a 24hour period there was no need to replace breastmilk with cow's milk. SO he drank water out of a sippy and ate solids while away from me and we nursed on demand when together. HTH!

    Way too lazy for formula

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