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Thread: Constipation?

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    So, I thought that BF babies were not supposed to get constipated, but my DS (5 months next week) seems to swing back and forth between not pooping for a day or two and then having multiple blowout poops in a day. The doctor finally put him on Zantac for reflux at his 4 month appointment and he has seemed like a changed baby since then - while he still spits up a lot, he no longer seems to be in pain. However, since that time, his pooping has also changed, going from multiple times every single day to the situation I described above. I know that at some point babies stop pooping so frequently (can't remember when it happened with my first DS), so it could just be coincidence, but I'm wondering if it is related to the Zantac. I think in the scheme of things, him appearing to be uncomfortable when he is full of poop is probably preferable to being uncomfortable after every feed due to reflux, but I wish we could get to a point where he wasn't uncomfortable at all. Any thoughts or advice?

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    For a breastfed baby to be constipated, you need to see most or all of the following:
    - baby poops less than 1 x per week
    - poop is pellet-like or hard enough to roll/peel right off the diaper
    - baby is very uncomfortable when pooping- straining, turning red, screaming

    Basically, what you describe doesn't sound like constipation to me. Have you introduced solid foods at all?

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    Nope, no solids, no formula. Just breastmilk.

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    DS2 has been on reflux meds for awhile, and did take Zantac but I don't think it affected his pooping. And as long as his poop is soft, it's not constipation. It is probably just a matter of him hitting that point age-wise where he is pooping less.

    One thing that I did find interesting though is that our pediatric GI seemed to think there is a relationship between not pooping frequently and reflux. He said that if stuff isn't moving through his system well then stuff is more likely to come up. I don't think that there is anything that you should do to make him poop more, but for my DS2 I did adjust his diet to foods that would help him poop since he was on solids by the time we saw the ped GI.

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