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    I notice there are a lot of these little toddlers weaning right now, thought I would add to the threads.

    My sweet baby ds has weaned. We made it to 20 months. Never in a million years did I think I would nurse a TODDDLER! I still remember when ds was a newborn my neighbor telling me she was still nursing her 18 month old I and thought she was strange, little did I know.

    Nursing started out horrible. I cried through the first few weeks from pain. In his first 2 months we went through nipple shield, severe nipple cracking/fissures, 6 weeks of thrush, exclusive pumping for 4 weeks, clogged ducts, os/oald, you name it! I look back and wonder how we made it through that! Some how we did and about at 3 months things began looking up!

    I think going through so much made me even more determined to go as long as we could. He never had any formula. We had a great happy 20 months. We were blessed to go through a mutual weaning, ds started cutting down on nursing and after I got pg I felt done too. Nursing ended with no tears and no fuss he was just ready.

    We are still so close and love snuggling together.

    I have a question that is, and maybe it actually applies more to being pg, but ever since he weaned I have had dried yellowish discharge dried on my nipples all the time. Does that go away? Or could it be more because of being pg?
    Ds 9/09 nursed for 20 months

    Dd 12/11 nursing a toddler again

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    The dried yellowish stuff sounds like colostrum. But it also could be the last of your mature milk.

    Congrats on what sounds like a very gentle weaning and on those 20 months you gave your LO.

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    I had crusty nipples for some reason during half of my pregnancy and there was no milk. Lilah was still nursing, so I thought maybe they were chapped?

    Congratulations on a gentle weaning and a new baby on the way.

    Mommy to
    Lilah 10/08 nursed 25 months
    Beatrix 01/11 nursed 30 months

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