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    Question pumping question

    so if bf is supply and demand, and my son eats one side still usually per feed, anywhere from 2-3 hours (longer sometimes at night), the one side may not get emptied for 4-6 hours-do I not pump on the missed breast? I read the recommendations of pumping once a day and try same time a day-I like that there was a definate answer. So my body just will sustain this status quo and not "dry up" if the other isn't used for such a long time??!
    I will have to go back to work in a few weeks, and I bought the cheap electric pump-which my body doesn't seem to respond to? I can be using for 15 minutes and nothing-but get 5 oz from the hand held one. Did I get used to the hand held? Should I continue to try to acclamate to this new one or just bite the bullet and invest in the expensive one?!
    Thanks ladies/mamas!

    Oh-I had been pumping likely too much too, was around 1-2 times a day maybe more, very inconsistent. I now should just clearly back off? If the one is more full usually and starts to get sore from engorgement, should I empty just a little for relief until the production evens out?
    How often would it be recommended I pump at work? Every 4 as if he was waking at night to feed?
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    Sorry, I don't really have the answer to this, rather I have the same question! So I thought I'd reply to help bump this post back up. My little one usually only feeds one side per feed too. She recently started having nights where she'd sleep longer stretches so one side may not get emptied close to 8 hrs! So I'm concerned about "drying up" as well.

    I started pumping again last week because I thought my supply was decreasing, then ended up engorged with OALD again. Then stopped, then got scared because breasts were really soft, then restarted just pumping 1-2x a day too.

    Anyway, so we're in teh same boat. Anyone have any suggestions?

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    How old is baby? And I'm assuming all seems well with baby, with adequate wets and poops and is growing well.

    One sided feeding is OK. Really, it will be OK. You will not dry up. And you don't have to pump. If you are making a lot of milk, that's actually a system used called block feeding designed to reduce the amount of milk you make and ensure your baby gets more hind milk. I used to start baby on one side, the side I had last used, let him nurse for a while and then switch to the other side and let him finish off on that side. And you won't dry up because baby is STTN either. And when baby stops STTN (that will happen), your supply will come back up with the increased demand.

    It's totally normal for your breasts to feel softer a few weeks in as your supply starts to regulate. Many moms panic and start pumping...right into OS again. Don't do it unless you need to store a bit of milk. And if you need to do that, just pick one time a day and pump a bit and save it up. Check for lipase, and you're good to go.

    THROW the cheap electric pump away. I really wish they weren't allowed to be sold. Using it regularly may make you sore and may make your supply dip when you go back to work. Seriously, the money you spend on a decent pump will be well worth it. The cheapest decent double electric is a Lansinoh/Ameda. Then you have the Medela line to choose from.
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    w/ Susan.

    I bought my Medela PISA from www.bestbuybaby.com for $210
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