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Thread: how much breast milk does a 10 mo old need?

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    Default how much breast milk does a 10 mo old need?

    I'm going back to work in January when my daughter will be 10 months old. I want to continue to breastfeed - just in the mornings and evenings but I wonder if I need to be giving her formula during the day? I'd rather not start her on formula now. She's a great eater of puree and chunked foods already so she wouldn't go hungry.

    Also how do I start to eliminate the daytime feedings?

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    Default Re: how much breast milk does a 10 mo old need?

    usually around this age it is ok to give whole milk in a sippy cup at meal times, so I would say it should be fine not to introduce formula as long their nutritional requirements are met with your BF sessions morning and night and milk at mealtimes. Start introducing the sippy cup with meals asap so it becomes routine, but I wouldn't eliminate feedings until closer to the date, maybe start 1 month before eliminating 1 feeding per week.

    Hope this helps...

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    Default Re: how much breast milk does a 10 mo old need?

    You'll want to ask your doctor about what to feed baby during the day if you won't be providing expressed breast milk. She'll probably need something more than just solids.

    She's definitely old enough to start learning how to use a sippy cup, so you can start trying that at mealtimes and such.

    You can start to eliminate daytime feedings by replacing one feeding with something else (whatever your doctor suggests). Keep all other feedings the same, just the one feeding each day should be replaced. Once you notice that you're no longer full at that time (several days - up to a week) you can eliminate another feeding, replacing it with something else.
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