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Thread: confused about supply....again...

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    Default confused about supply....again...

    Hello All,

    I have previously posted about potential low supply and some of you wonderful ladies provided very supportive replies indicating that it was probably a perceived low supply rather than an actual low supply. It does appear that that's what it might have been because my LO is still peeing and gaining weight.

    The last time I thought supply was low, I returned to pumping after every feed which caused me to return to OALD and engorged breasts. So after that I stopped the pumping knowing that supply was up. This was last week.

    Today and yesterday my breasts started feeling very soft again (I know that engorgement is not normal, but my breasts feel very soft). But I tried not to let it worry me as LO was still peeing and appeared satisfied after eating. And also after going a little bit of a longer period without eating, I was feeling fuller. Yesterday I decided it was a good time to get back into the habit of pumping at least once a day to start storing milk for when I go back to work in a few weeks. Yesterday I did it once and got almost 5 oz after her morning feed. Today I did not get to pump until mid day at which time I only got 2.5 oz. then I decided to pump a second time, but got barely anything.

    so this leads me to my confusion. At around 1:30AM LO woke up to feed. She barely sucked for 2 min and then stopped. I thought perhaps I had confused her signals. So I let it go and when she started fussing again around 2AM I put her back to the breast and she sucked for about 5 min which is her usual. So I had DH take her since we have to keep her upright for 30 min after eating due to reflux. She started fussing again becoming inconsolable. So I put her back to the breast and she sucked for probably close to 30 min on both breasts (which she rarely does). Did I not have anything to give her? Did she suck me dry? Finally I was able to get her to sleep. I pumped after and got nothing. I know that pumping is not a good indicator of how much baby gets. But I'm just worried that she seemed hungry for so long. I hope it was just the need to suck. But I can't be sure as she doesn't take a paci.

    Sorry for the long post, but I'm confused and worried again. Any insight is appreciated!

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    Default Re: confused about supply....again...

    Mama, I would not worry based on anything you wrote here. Babies will nurse to regulate your supply during growth spurts and also may nurse for long periods for comfort. You are never "dry". Your breasts make milk all the time and baby can even drink it as it's being made, they just have to work a little harder. In fact the emptier you are, the faster it's made.

    All you need to do is 1) feed on demand to give your baby the ability to regulate your supply and 2) monitor diaper output. If you have enough wets, your baby is getting enough!

    And 5 oz on top of full time feeding is quite good output, even if later in the afternoon you didn't have any extra to pump. That was how it was for me too, prolactin is much higher in the morning and in the afternoon my body kept pace much more exactly with my baby's needs rather than having an OS.

    You are doing fine, trust your body and your baby!
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    Default Re: confused about supply....again...

    What you describe sounds very normal. Feeling soft- and I mean really soft- is status quo for most moms with established milk supplies. The fluctuation in pump output is also normal. Most moms notice that they have the most milk in the early morning, since prolactin (the milk-producing hormone) levels usually peak at night, and the least milk in the afternoon/evening, when mom is tired and stressed and prolactin levels are low. When I was pumping, I could often get 5 oz in the morning and barely anything at all by late afternoon. As long as baby seems satisfied and is peeing/pooping appropriately, there's no reason to worry.

    The behavior you noticed- I am willing to bet actual money that it is not a supply issue. Just a baby issue. I know you're used to 5 minute nursing sessions, but the occasional 30 minute session is totally normal. Especially when the baby is feeding in a slightly different position or is trying to get to sleep.

    Trust yourself, mama! You're doing so well!

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