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Thread: The green poop monster, fussy baby and other problems..

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    Unhappy The green poop monster, fussy baby and other problems..

    My DS is 7 weeks, 4 days old and EBF so far. We fixed our clamping problem, my DS only does it very rarely now. However about two weeks ago we started to have really frequent watery green stools, so I started block feeding and they started turning yellow and getting more substance. After a few days he started to continue to act hungry after I'd had him on one side (often is put him back on) so I started both sides again. Well since last weekend he started slowing his bowel movements down and since then he's been having 1, maybe 2 COPIOUS green stools. They are seedy, loose, pasty or mucus like in texture. He's also been spiting up more often.

    On top of that since weds, DS has been fussing a lot more than normal. He sleeps a good 5 hours At night but will wake up squirming and kicking his legs around. His pack and play is on a bit of an incline, and almost every night when he wakes for his feeding (between 4-6 am) I nurse him and let him sleep in bed with me. He's woken up screaming too. During the day if he's not being held or preferably nursing he's fussing or screaming. He squirms a lot during these times too, often kicking or arching his back. I can't imagine this being constipation since his bowels are soft when they come out, but if he's only going to poop once a day an be miserable the rest of the time I don't know what I'm going to do.

    The only thing that will calm him is nursing but I don't think it's because he's hungry and I can't get anything done. Ive tried bouncing, walking, stroller walks, rocking, toys, pacifier etc. My front carrier works but he cries in it for a bit while I walk around and he falls asleep. Its hard to get him to sleep or nap. It could be a growth spurt but if i was having problems with oversupply why would he be wanting to constantly nurse? DH thinks he needs help pooping but I'm not convinced that trying to force him won't cause more problems than it will solve. DH first suggestion is always that maybe he needs a bottle or supplement too, it gets really frustrating because obviously he doesn't understand that the amount of milk he's getting isn't the issue. I'm afraid he's going to try and do that and screw things up more especially if DS doesn't stop this constant fusiness.

    Ps. I apologize for poor grammar and spelling, I'm posting from my phone.

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    You're doing a great job, mama. Oversupply can certainly lead to green poops, but another avenue you may need to explore is a dairy sensitivity. My DD3 had green stools from birth and at 10wks, she had three very mucousy green stools with blood in them. Other symptoms that you mentioned including the fussiness, irritibility and spitting up can also be associated with dairy sensitivity. I would suggest eliminating dairy from your diet, keeping in mind that it takes several weeks (4-6) for the dairy to be completely removed from baby's system. There are several websites that can assist you in eliminating dairy- when I began my elimination, I not only removed things like milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream and chocolate, but I also removed "hidden" dairy items such as whey, casein, etc. I'll see if I can come up with some links for more information for you. Good luck, mama!
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