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Thread: Venting sorry

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    Unhappy Venting sorry

    So. My dd who is now almost 7 months old and i really haven't had a very good night time schedule and we have been co sleeping and I haven't been able to get her to fall asleep unless I rock her until she falls asleep and then we have to both lay down in bed. Well I am sick today with aches sore throat running nose etc and I am just so haggard and tired I just wanted to sleep all day. So needless to say my patience is on end. By the time it became around the usual time we go off to bed she decided to have an absolute meltdown and did not want to be held or put down or fed nothing. Just screaming at the top of her lungs and bright red. I just couldn't deal with it! My head ached and just.. Fatigued.. So I put her in her pack and play and closed the door and let her cry herself to sleep. Which in reality didn't take very long but the 15 minutes it took felt like an absolute eternity.

    But now the house is quiet and she is sleeping alone in her pack and play, but now I just feel guilty and terrible for letting her cry herself to sleep. I'm probably just emotional and out of wack with being sick but I just can't help but feel bad. Sigh.. I guess it's okay because we wanted to eventually get her sleeping on her own. Might as well start now? Wish I could shake off the bad feelings..... Sigh sorry ladies.. Just had to vent somewhere. Thank you for letting me do so.

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    everybody reaches their end at some point.

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