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Thread: Bottle with meal or after?

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    Default Bottle with meal or after?

    Boy I feel like I'm using this forum alot this week I don't know what I'd do without you other moms

    Today's question - for those of you who work and/or have to leave your LO during the day, does your DCP give the bottle with breakfast/lunch or after? My MIL watches my son who is 11.5 months. She feeds him his bottle with lunch while he's in his booster seat. Maybe I'm just trying to keep him a baby longer, but I would think/prefer he gets lunch (maybe with a sippy cup of water), finishes it, and then gets his bottle after (and not in his booster seat)....my mom watches him one day a week for me and that's how she does it (says maybe she wants to keep him a "baby" too)! I'm just curious as to what you other moms do and if I'm overreacting too much...time to let him be a big boy? I guess I'm going off the idea that I breastfeed him first when I'm home, and then go and give him his food.

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    When my son was that age, he was getting two bottles during the day, and water w/ meals. They eat breakfast around 8:30, then they would give him a bottle afterwards, somewhere around 10. Lunch is around 11:45 or 12, then nap. After nap he would get his second bottle, usually about 3:30. Snack was around 4:30 or 5.
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    I guess if I were in this situation, it would depend on which scenario was more likely to result in the baby finishing the bottle. I hate to see breast milk wasted!

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