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    Ok so what the heck.....we have been doing awesome with breastfeeding. Baby was 8 weeks on Wednesday and all of a sudden I am not producing enough milk. She is eating every two hours and still not satisfied. Had to supplement this evening bc she was so upset and now passed out. I am so sad that I had to supplement. I am trying to think what has changed that I would decrease my production. It has been very hot here and we have been swimming a lot. Does the chlorine do it or the heat? I am also thinking it may be stress as I am going back to work in two weeks. Lost. What do you all think......

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    There is a growth spurt that normally happens around this time. During a growth spurt it is very normal for babies to want to nurse more frequently. How are your LO's wet/dirty diapers? that really is the best way to tell if your LO is getting enough. These links have some more info.
    The other thing that could have an impact is if you have recently gone on hormonal BC.

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    with the PP. As long as you are nursing on demand, seeing the right number of wet and poopy diapers, and you're not taking hormonal birth control, there's no reason to think that this is low supply. A couple possibilities:
    - growth spurt
    - fussy evenings (also known as "the witching hour" or hours, or "evenings-only colic")
    - adjustment in supply so that supply meets demand more precisely, without a lot of extra left over

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    I don't think swimming or chlorine or stress would reduce your supply that much, but I know a lot of babies go through a big spurt around eight weeks, and it can make you FEEL like you're not making enough, even if nothing changes, because your baby wants to nurse all.the.time and is never.ever.happy. BUT, if you just nurse the baby nonstop for a day or two, your supply goes up, and all is well again. So hang in there!! I think all is well. If diaper output is good (6 wets per 24 hours), you are doing great.

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    100% with pp

    As long as your baby has a good output, you can bank on your breasts for providing a good input!

    I hadn't found this forum when my baby was little and doing the growth spurt and fussing thing, and I gave a couple of ounces of formula here and there during the early weeks because I was so concerned that I might not be making enough milk, even though I changed 10+ diapers a day

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