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    As I read your post with a sicky almost one year old (not sure what Lorenzo would call that), I started to cry thinking about how much I have to look forward to. It's with a bittersweet heart that I look forward into the world of toddlerhood and all the changes that are coming with it. Your little man is really very sweet. Good job Mama.

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    Thanks so much for sharing. My son is now 33 months old and we aren't actively weaning but sometimes I talk to him about when he is a big boy he won't need to nurse anymore those are the only times he will proudly declare himself still a baby.
    Did this for 9months with Kailey and Hailey
    who are now 8.

    weaned Dane somewhere around 3.5 no longer he likes to sleep with his sisters He's now 5

    Now I am , , My baby Cruz who is almost 6 months and my last baby

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    Thanks, mamas -- there isn't anywhere else I could share this story where it would have even a fraction of the meaning it has sharing it with you after all these years of support...

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*djs.mom View Post
    Why did he decide he needed to wean?
    Who can pinpoint such a decision? I imagine there are a lot of reasons, some external, some internal. He first started talking about not nursing when he was about to turn 3, but he didn't even reduce the frequency then (which was good, because that was just prior to a lot of medical drama for him throughout which nursing was an enormous source of stability and comfort). I'm just glad that he feels comfortable exploring it all, without having it turn into an all or nothing undertaking -- that we are both able to just take it a day at a time and see where it leads. That's kind of the flow of our life together, and always has been, so it seems fitting to approach the process of weaning in the same way.
    Mama to Lorenzo, born 4/25/2007. NICU graduate, Gastro-Esohapgeal Reflux, Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Sensory Processing Disorder...alive and thriving thanks to breastfeeding and co-sleeping.

    Those who say it can't be done should not interrupt the person doing it.
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    That was really sweet
    Formerly: baby-blue-eyes

    Canadian Mum to Naomi Born 03/17/08 and has a dairy allergy we are hoping she will outgrow. Nursed for 1 year
    And Gavin Born 01/13/10. 22 months, still nursing and already determined to find every possible way of giving me a heart attack with his dare devilishness

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