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Thread: M2's Nursing Story

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    M2 was a great nurser from the start. I had used a nipple shield with M1 and was really determined not to with her, so for the first few days there was a bit of struggle, but we got through it fine and there was very minimal pain. I felt very lucky to have such an easy start.

    She was also a very fast nurser...like 5 minutes or less right from the start. She would also choke often, especially on one side for a few months. She never nursed for comfort. I remember starting a thread when she was about 9 months, very distractable, and I felt I was missing that connection that comes with a baby who nurses for comfort.

    After we got to the year mark, it became clear that she loved nursing. She asked for it all the time...in not so subtle ways I nursed her completely on demand until about 18 months. This is something I'm pretty proud of. I also would nurse her in public way past a year, which is also something I never would have done with M1. She was my baby though, and that should be obvious to everyone

    So, after about 18 months, I started the weaning process with her. It was hard because there wasn't a lot of alternative for her. She just wanted, "mok!" not water, cow's milk or juice. But, she also was easy to distract. After about 19 months we were down to once a day, early in the morning. I know that I could have easily kept that nursing session for a long time and we'd both be fine with it. However, I think keeping that session just caused her to ask at random times in the day. I felt it would be easier to just go ahead and stop. In a way, I worried that it was keeping that memory fresh for her and maybe even making it harder than if we just stopped and let her forget.

    So, yesterday morning, I paid extra close attention to my little girl nursing. She was sort of falling back asleep while she nursed, and I started stroking her forehead. She reached up and grabbed my wrist tight and held on I'm really happy that I have that memory as being our last time. I love that I gave her that gift of nursing her for so long (long to me anyway). Longer than her sister, who I was proud to have nursed for 17 months.

    This morning DH went in when she woke in the early morning. She went right back to sleep. So, our plan is to just have him go in there for early morning wakings until she stops waking up for it.

    Anyway, I just wanted to share our story. She is a sweet, happy, talkative little 20 month old toddler. Such a blessing and I feel so proud to be her mommy.

    Jeanne (my middle name IRL)

    Mommy to two girls (M & M), born Sept. '07 and Sept. '09

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    so happy you have the sweet memory. Way to go mama.
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    Aw, !

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