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Thread: LO wanting to just take bottle....HELP

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    Default LO wanting to just take bottle....HELP

    I have a 6 week old and the past two weeks or so I have been pumping a lot more and giving it to her in a bottle. When I breastfeed she only wants to do it for about 5 minutes and falls asleep. I have tried having her bare skin on mine, trying to keep her awake, etc. I STILL put her on in the mornings, overnight, and evenings but she will still only stay on for 5-7 minutes before she falls asleep or refuses. I am going back to work in a week and a half so I know she will have to take the bottle during the day, but I really want her to be able to BF when I am with her. When she was born I had ar eally hard time with my left side and it was clogged. Therefore she only used my right side and it was so sore and there were sores that I had to use a nipple shield. Once I got my left side fixed, my nipple is inverted and she could not latch on, so no matter what I have to use the shield on that side. I have tried taking her off of this on the right side and just doing it with latching on and she refuses to do it. I am still trying that, but my pediatrican also stated that it is fine to use the shield. I just want to be able to BF her when we are together, so we can have that time, and it is so much more time consuming to pump then bottle feed her!! Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you so much!!

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    Hi! My son just started daycare and he has just started bottles, he doesn't like them. When i go nurse him there he falls asleep very quickly, i think because he is so comforted by the breastfeeding.

    I would try compressions when she's feeding for the first few minutes and try switching breasts often, even if you go back and forth a few times in a feeding.

    Really just keep an eye on the number of diapers. If that is fine then no worries.

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    The babes like the bottles because they don't have to work so hard to get the milk out...it just flows out. In fact, they often overeat with bottles. Make sure you ALWAYS use 0-3month (slow flow) nipples as long as you are breastfeeding so they continue to need to work to get the milk out. If you switch, they tend to get mad and refuse the breast.

    If LO is falling asleep at the breast, most likely, she is full and content. You can try switching sides or flicking the bottoms of her feet, but it's comforting for them. If she is really hungry, she'll keep nursing. Try to relax and enjoy it!

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    Agree with what's already been said. Also - babies are much more efficient at getting milk from the breast than the pump, so 5-7 min. may be all that LO needs.

    I also have returned to work and had challenges breastfeeding early on. What worked for us was for me to exclusively breastfeed until I started working again. Since LO had already taken bottles in the past, he was fine with it when he was with other caregivers.

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