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Thread: bit of a ramble and rant. feeling sad...

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    Default bit of a ramble and rant. feeling sad...

    and silly and self indulgent for feeling sad because i have a beautiful 2 week old girl and an amazing 2 year old boy. i think i'm feeling frustrated in my relationship with both of them, mourning a little for life with my only child and finding it hard to get time and energy together to pay attention to the tiny one in the way i'd like to. i think i was deceptively together right up to and immediately after the birth as well which has led to my partner supporting me less than i need and me not really knowing how to ask for more when he's actually being fantastic. mothering's hard work! think i just feel frustrated and would like a little advice on how to share myself between two children, a partner and myself especially while feeding the perpetually hungry little one. also has anyone else had problems with paternal pnd? my partner feels quite rejected by the newborn need for mummy(or at least one body part of mummy) and really struggled when our son was tiny. pumping and bottles was just incredibly stressful for all of us so we ditched it as a concept first time round. don't want the crisis in which the whole house sinks into a mire of depression to hit and i'm really worried that if i can't get my head straight i won't be able to keep it together for the rest of the family. and i know most of this is hormones and i should give myself a break and i also know i could go on forever in circles so i'm going to stop here. help?
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    Default Re: bit of a ramble and rant. feeling sad...

    ah, your post made me laugh, thank you! i could go in circles forever as well...

    i'm a new mom with an almost 7 week old newborn and am juuust starting to get out of the breastfeeding pain and general post-partum funk that we've been stuck in, so i have no advice just a big empathetic hug. two weeks is so early and so tough - hang in there, keep a sense of humor, and talk talk talk to your partner, and i bet all will be ok.
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    Default Re: bit of a ramble and rant. feeling sad...

    Mama, don't feel silly or self-indulgent for having feelings. The newborn period is hard on a family. So many changes occur in such a short space of time.

    I, too struggled with feeling like I had lost that close , one-on-one connection with my firstborn. But as time went on, I realized that we hand't lost the connection- it had just changes and become more complex, growing to encompass a baby sister.

    Have you considered having your husband take the baby for an evening walk while you play with your firstborn? That way daddy gets some special bonding time alone with baby, and you get some special time with your big kid.

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    Default Re: bit of a ramble and rant. feeling sad...

    aw, maybe let your partner read what you posted??? its hard to let your feelings out, but once you do you feel soooooo much better!!
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