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Thread: Shelf stable finger foods?

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    Default Shelf stable finger foods?


    I was wondering if ya'll had some suggestions for shelf-stable finger foods. DS is 10 months, and readily samples whatever we're eating, and gets a daily yogurt treat (he loves him some yogurt!). But I'd like to have some more foods for when we're out and about, or when I haven't been to the grocery store in a while.

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    I was given a great idea recently.

    Mix equal parts of cherrios, shedded wheat squares, corn bran and dried fruit. Use your mommy discression with the dried fruit of course because of the potential for choking. Anyways, my kids love it. It gives then a variety instead of just a dish of cherrios. You can use any ceareals you like.
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    Freeze dried fruits such as apples are easy to carry along. Also puffed foods such as Veggie Booty.

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    We did the standard cheerios, puffed rice, shredded cheese (not exactly shelf stable but easy to have on hand), and I love the Brothers All Natural freeze dried fruit. I think my friend gets them at Costco.
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    I, too, keep Cheerios on me at all times, but since your LO likes yogurt, have you considered yogurt melts? I think Happy Baby and Gerber both make them.

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