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Thread: I need milk for at least year

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    Unhappy I need milk for at least year

    My baby was born 2 weeks ago and since then I have been feeding him bottles of breast milk because I had to pump out since it's very difficult for him to latch on my large nipple. Normally it's 3 to 4 oz every 2 or 3 hours.. I still try to breast feed him with a shield, and it works but since a couple of days ago I have only been able to pump out less than the usual 4 oz he had been taking. My partner says he must not be getting enough from my breast, and he seems to be hungrier sooner.. and I just wanna know what I can do to keep up my supply and feed him only breast milk... Today I had to give him formula so he could eat! I don't want to resort to formula forever...
    sn: I'm going through a crisis with my partner.. is this affecting? all the crying... I try to eat normal and healthy but it scares me that not much is coming out.

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    Mama, please do some research on an SNS. It's a supplemental nursing system. You can put your mama milk in the bottle and tape the tube to your nipple so your little one gets plenty to eat AND stimulates your breasts at the same time.

    But please consider this as well - your little one is near a growth spurt (usually at about 3 weeks) and may just be eating often because of the growth spurt - eating often also helps your breasts produce more milk.

    Count your little one's wet and poopy diapers. If there are enough of each, your little one is getting enough milk.

    And big hugs - - I know this is hard, but hang in there. You're showing a lot of dedication, Mama.
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    Also, 3-4 oz is a LOT for a 2 week old to take at one feeding. My 6.5 month old only gets four ounces per feeding.

    I bet you ARE producing enough milk!

    Make sure you are using a good pump (preferably hospital grade if you are mostly pumping) and don't go more than 2-3 hours (even at night) without emptying your breasts. Do compressions to make sure everything is coming out.

    I bet if you start giving him 1-2 oz per feeding, you'll find you have enough milk

    Also 2 weeks old is very young- you can get him back to the breast! Call an IBCLC and see if they can help! I bet some mommas on here can give tips too.

    You can do this!!!

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    5-6 diapers a day means baby is getting plenty.

    And a baby that age generally only drinks about an ounce-ounce and a half per hour so you are getting plenty of milk when you pump. Also, your baby can empty your breast much faster and more completely than a pump so when baby nurses he is getting more than when you pump.

    Stress can definitely affect you, so try to relax (I know, easier said than done) and take it easy. If you need help from someone else, if you partner isn't helping you, ask for it.
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    The stress could be effecting your ability to let-down, which can effect pumping for sure. But, your baby is still SO young. I don't think it is too late to bring him to breast. Women have nipples of all shapes and sizes and are able to breastfeed. You can too!

    Can you contact a local LLL leader or Lactation Consultant? Try to find an IBCLC lactation consultant.

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    I totally agree with pp's. I'd say that at this point, getting the amount you're getting when pumping is good. I've been pumping for my DD while working for 5months now (she's 8 months old) and pumped for 1 yr with my last. For my 8 month old I pump around 3 oz every 3 hrs.
    I think your LO is going through a growth spurt. Rather than worry about how much you're pumping, I'd suggest working with a lactation consultant or LLL leader on the latch. Then just nurse when your LO is hungry and trust your body. Count the diapers and relax!!

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    babies will suck more when they are reaching a growth spurt, so that may why your lo may seem more hungry. he is trying to build your supply for you!!! when you are using the shield, try taking it off halfway through the feeding. that way he is in the latching sucking and eating mode, so it might be easier for him to practice his latch. it worked for me.
    i think that your crisis may have a lot to do with your not getting enough milk. you do not need a lot of stress. new moms have a lot of stress even if everything is 'perfect'. is it something you guys could put off for a month or so??? also remember you just had a baby, so if its not a life or death situation, i really think you should try to put it on hold. also your partner is experiencing a hormonal change too, just not nearly as drastic as you! both men and women can both get ppd.
    also remember that when you give a bottle, the baby basically has no choice but to swallow or choke. not trying to say that he is not hungry enough for that, but i really really really think you should try the supplemental nursing system (sns) it was a life saver for me. it will help your lo nurse and build your supply at the same time! (you can also use it with a shield!)
    talk to your pediatrician about whats going on, they do wellness checks for the whole family, to make sure you are adjusting well to the new baby. it will get better dont worry!
    good luck and hope you get through this!!!
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    Ditto to all that has been previously said in replies!

    Just hang in there, you are doing GREAT! You may not feel like it, but you are!!!

    I had the same worries and BAWLED when I "had" to give my son formula. He has breastmilk exclusively now, so I promise, it gets better!!!

    Just KNOW IN YOUR HEART that you are doing the right things, doing your best and your LO is benefitting from that.

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