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Thread: Need to relactate or a supply issue?

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    Default Need to relactate or a supply issue?

    I have finally recovered and healed from having mastitis and an abscess, and I have never regained my supply. When I went to have my abscess drained the doctor said it looked like some of the ducts in my breast had dried up. I am trying to continue BF, but I have not even half of the supply I had before. I exclusively pump and so I know there's a dramatic drop in supply. My question is this a supply issue or do I need to relactate? I do as much as I can to keep my supply up - stay hydrated, eat enough, get enough rest, take fenugreek and lactation cookies - but it's still hard for me to make enough to feed her throughout the day. I used up all of my stash when I got sick since I wasn't producing any, and so now I'm pretty much pumping to keep up with her feeding schedule.

    Any advice or suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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    Default Re: Need to relactate or a supply issue?

    If you are still producing milk, you have a supply issue. Relactation means starting from nothing, or close to it.

    This link covers increasing supply when pumping:http://www.kellymom.com/bf/pumping/p..._decrease.html

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    What are lactation cookies?

    I also agree, it sounds like just a low supply. Which is the same boat I'm in. Gl

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