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Thread: Breast & Bottle??

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    Default Breast & Bottle??

    Hi there. My husband and I attempted a bottle with our newborn two nights ago and again last night. He took the bottle just fine, but then sleeping and overall baby attitude went down the drain. I realize that he's only 1 week old (yesterday) and that no sleep pattern truly exists, but it was a distinct change in his demeanor.

    Are we starting too soon? Is there something my husband can do to help baby out? He took 5 oz within 20 minutes when it takes him almost 45 to nurse from both sides for me (with a break between to change diaper, etc).

    Any help or thoughts would be much appreciated!

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    Hi mama! Congratulations on your new baby. Yes, I would definitely say you are starting a bit early with the bottle. Most sources recommend waiting at least until 4-5 weeks to introduce a bottle.

    5 ounces is also a HUGE amount for a baby to eat. Your baby's tummy is about the size of a grape (which is why he nurses so frequently right now) and the most he needs at this point is 1-2 ounces at a time. It's impossible for a baby to regulate his own intake with a bottle, he has to just keep swallowing because there is a steady stream of liquid coming into his mouth. On the other hand, with the breast he has a measure of control. He can stop swallowing, stop sucking, and the milk will stop. I'm guessing he got uncomfortable because he was over-full. If it was formula it's also possible it upset his tummy for that reason.

    You didn't mention whether you were pumping when your baby got the bottle, but if you do continue to give them it is very important at this stage for you to pump if you skip a nursing session. Your body is establishing a milk supply and every time your baby sucks on something other than your breast it means your body is missing that cue that baby needs more milk.

    So your body needs time to establish a good milk supply and your baby needs a bit more time to really learn how to breastfeed. I'd recommend you put the bottles aside for a little longer until you both are ready. In the meantime there are lots of other things your husband can do to participate in baby care- diaper changes, baths (if you're doing those yet), cuddles and burping, cleaning the house, fixing you meals, bringing you LOTS of water (I was always thirsty when I'd nurse). His job right now is to make sure you don't have to worry about anything other than letting baby nurse whenever he wants.
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    Excellent advice from Paige, as usual! I just want to re-emphasize that 5 oz is an immense amount of liquid for a newborn. Newborns are usually eating 2 oz at most during a feeding.

    Definitely put the bottle aside for a while.

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    And my personal experience was that my little one developed a nipple preference when I introduced the bottle at five weeks old and didn't want to go back to nursing.

    If your DH feeds your LO pumped milk, would he be willing to feed with a cup or a syringe instead of using the bottle?
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