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Thread: The look on a doctors face...

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    How wonderful that your patients' mothers will have someone as experienced with and dedicated to breastfeeding as you to help them at this vulnerable but critical time in their lives! If only everyone with a baby in NICU could get that kind of support...
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    I'm a nurse in a birth center of a very large teaching hospital. I work 12 hour nights and pumped for 2 years for ds1 and am currently pumping for ds2 at almost 14 months. Most of my coworkers don't give it a second thought, but I do get the occasional...you're STILL pumping/nursing? comment. Everyone I work with pretty much stops at the 12 month mark, I could not imagine stopping so soon! You go, mama!
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    I agree it's great you're pumping for your toddler. I had to pump for mine when I left her overnight and when I do work I'm only gone 9.5 hrs so I can get away with not pumping and haven't pumped at work since she was 15 mos. Every mommy is different and I'm sorry you didn't feel supported.
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