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Thread: Pregnant and breastfeeding new adopted baby???

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    My husband and I found a few weeks ago that we were pregnant. I am about 8 weeks along now. We have a cousin that is about three months ahead of me(shes due in November and I am due in January), she is not living a good lifestyle at all...drugs , drinking, homeless...so she has annouced to our family that she would like to give the baby up for adoption. My husband and I were one of possible choices. She has not made a descision yet, but if she does offer that to us we were gong to except the baby into our home. Now my question is if I can I will be able to breastfeed the baby when it gets to our home...also this is my first baby and I have never breast fed before. Any thoughts and helpful hints would be welcome. But please no insults for adopting while we are pregnant, already got those on another site. THanks!!!

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    Once your milk comes in there is no reason you can't nurse both children. Your body will adjust to produce enough milk for both if you are nursing both. I would not attempt to nurse the adopted baby while you are still pregnant. While it is normally safe to nurse an older child through your pregnancy, your body would not be used to the stimulation and it could potentially cause contractions. It's the same reason it isn't a good idea to pump prior to a baby being born. But once the baby you are carrying arrives there is no reason you can't nurse them both.

    One potential issue might be the first baby not being used to nursing, so you may have some trouble teaching him/her how to latch. You might find this link helpful, it is about how to bottlefeed a breastfed baby so those first few months if you are bottle feeding to mimic breastfeeding it might be easier to get baby to latch on your breast.

    Other than that you might want to read up on breastfeeding twins and tandem nursing, because I imagine you would face a mixture of issues from both of those types of situations.

    And of course feel free to browse through the Nursing More Than One forum here. There are mamas who are both nursing twins and nursing babies and toddlers.

    ETA: I think you are offering a wonderful gift to your cousin and her child. I hope it all works out for you guys.
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    Wow, congratulations on all of the babies!! What a wonderful thing you are doing for your cousin. Once your baby is born, you can most certain nurse both. I would get in contact with a lactation consultant and a milk bank. I would suggest using donor milk until you are able to nurse. The links in the PP are great. It is all possible and educating yourself prior is the best thing you can do.
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    My DH has several adopted siblings. His parents discovered they were unexpectedly pregnant -- after being told they would never have any more biological children! -- during the pre-adoption physical. They went ahead with the adoption, and DH was born a couple months after they got his older sister. The older brother is just a few months older than that. MIL had three kids in diapers at the same time, with only like 6-8 months between them

    Anyway, MIL says that she would have nursed the older sibling of DH -- the one closest in age -- had she not "dried up." That was 40 years ago, and she probably got some crummy advice, but it's totally possible to do it.

    In your situation, the issue I could see is that since the adopted baby will be older than your baby, that older baby may have developed a nipple preference and not want to nurse.

    I sure hope the mom stops her drugs and drinking habits while pregnant. I know several mothers who did that, and their babies ended up in extended NICU stays. One has ongoing health problems and that baby could not nurse because of his health issues. That must be hard for you to see going on
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