Can I just ask, was the LC you saw IBCLC or just someone with LC on her badge.QUOTE]

She was an IBCLC.

I have also contacted my local LLL leader and she has been amazing. Unfortuantely I have prior commitments on the days that they have our meetings but she has been talking to me lots over the phone and has been so supportive. She has also given me the contact details of another IBCLC who apparently in the New Zealand guru of breastfeeding, so if I can’t get this sorted out this week with the LC that I am seeing I will pay to go see her.

The latch is improving but it is still not close to being painless. This weekend my nipples have taken a hammering as he is having a growth spurt and has feed for 1hr every 2hrs. He has also been really unsettled and seems unsatisfied. My nipples are bruised, blistered and cracked and it has taken all my strength not to go out and buy formula and just give it all up. It has been a rough couple of days.

Thanks for your support.