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Thread: Baby won't take bottle

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    My daughter is 2 months and I am trying to get her to take formula, she won't. I am desperate. She eats constantly. I do not get a break from nursing long enough to do anything. Since she has been born I have not been able to pay bills, go to the grocery, attend any of my older childrens' ball games. Nothing. If I leave, never for more than an hour, I come home to my baby red faced and screaming to be fed. My other kids have, at times waited an hour or more so that I could fix their lunch or fill their sippy cups I stay at home with the kids and my bf works. He also attends school in the evenings. I do not get a break. I have been torn between nursing and formula feeding for weeks. I did get my daughter to take a bottle of formula for 2 days and did nurse occasionally during the day and exclusively at night. I REALLY wanted to be able to continue nursing but just give her bottles of formula so that I could take care of errands, the other children and occasionally get a workout in for myself but she now refuses the bottle. I am desperate for some help, I don't think I can do this for a whole year. Please someone give me some helpful advice.

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    It gets better Even if you don't change anything, it will get better. A 4 month old is worlds easier to nurse than a 2 month old. A 6 month old is easier still. They're faster at nursing, even if they still eat frequently. And, a lot of babies eat less frequently as they get bigger.

    In the meantime, if you can nurse in a moby wrap or a ring sling, that would let you take care of your older kids at home.

    It sounds like you aren't comfortable nursing in public. Have you considered a nursing cover? I found a ring sling more convenient when DS was little. But, lots of mammas like nursing covers.

    ETA: I think it's really common for breastfed babies to reject bottles. DS was happy to take one from about 2-4 months and then stopped. He went something like 8 hours without eating much of anything one day while I was at work. After that, we discovered he'd take a beginner sippy cup. Bottles are kind of meant to imitate mama, and a lot of breastfed babies aren't willing to take an imitation when they know the real thing is available. I think some mamas have luck with feeding babies from a (very small) normal cup.

    Are you able to pump or hand express some milk instead of using formula? She'd probably like your milk much better than formula.
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    I agree with PP.

    I would recommend wearing your baby in a sling that you can nurse in. My son needed to nurse constantly. I let go of taking care of the house, showering everyday, and cooking dinner for awhile. Workouts are something I used to do 6 days a week but during this time his needs came first. Eventually I was able to squeeze in quick showers, find a way to throw something together for dinner, and even workout for a few minutes. All in good time, none of it really matters in comparison to his needs.

    I know it is very hard when you have other children. My older son has had to help out a lot and eat a lot of pizza and chicken nuggets. When he gets frustrated we talk about how as a family we take care of one another and I ask him who needs the most taking care of right now. He always understands when I say it this way.

    I would say invest in a good way to wear your baby so that you can do a few things and help with your other kids.

    Good luck.

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    Default Re: Baby won't take bottle

    Great advice from the PPs.

    If you are truly committed to getting your baby to take a bottle of formula, I suggest trying the following:
    - have someone other than you offer the formula, since babies tend not to want take bottles from mom, since they know she has the real thing!
    - try different bottle brands, and different nipples on the bottles
    - try bottles of breastmilk rather than formula- I took the pepsi challenge and formula tastes nasty compared to mama's milk!

    If you can hang in there and keep on nursing, in just a few short months your baby will be able to eat solids while you're out and about, no need for formula!

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