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Thread: Soups and Stews, Oh My!

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    Default Soups and Stews, Oh My!

    Tonight's vegetarian chili is stewing in the crock-pot, smelly amazing, but I just started wondering how I'm going to actually feed it to DD. She usually feeds herself, and obviously she's not old enough to handle her own spoon yet (8.5 months.) So should I just put some of the solid chunks on her tray? Should I dip a cracker in the liquid for her to try the broth (she likes strong, spicy flavors)? Would it be okay to go ahead and try spoon feeding her a bit? How do your BLS babies handle fluid foods until they can use utensils?

    I'm also thinking of the wonderful creamy vegetable soups I make later in the summer that don't have any solid chunks in them. DD must have garden-fresh tomato soup , but how?

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    She might love the beans and broth in the chili. I'd do exactly what you are thinking of doing...spoonfeeding some of the broth and some of the solid stuff on her tracy

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    Let me try this again stupid internet...

    I put just a bit of broth in ds2's bowl mostly chunky veggies. Then I spoon feed him stuff that he can't get himself. If we're having a chunk-less soup I feed him and put crackers, veggies, shredded meat, etc on his tray to keep him occupied between bites.

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