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K doesn't remember nursing, but I do tell her that she did. So even if she doesn't she will have the knowledge, kwim?
We've been talking a lot about it to because we are weaning and with the new baby on the way. I know it's probably silly, but sometimes I wonder if I'm traumatizing her by weaning her. She's doing better now though. She has nursed 1 day since 5/30. The last 2 nights before bed she didn't even ask.

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Fixed that for you.

to your mom. Support is such a huge part of being successful, that and not realizing that there is another way most times.
I think that's a big part of how I got through the first couple of months. It was hard and hurt like heck, but to me there was no other way - even though people (not DH) were offering to go out and buy me formula