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Thread: Question about More Milk Plus and blessed thistle/fenugreek

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    Default Question about More Milk Plus and blessed thistle/fenugreek

    When I started trying to up my supply I started with fenugreek and blessed thistle as separate supplements, 3 x 3 a day each which is what I read online to do. When I ran out of those I picked up some More Milk Plus and have been taking 2 x 3 a day as directed on bottle (based on my weight). I'm wondering why MMP is so few a day? Is it really as effective as separate supplements? I'm not sure that it has impacted my supply for better or worse - we are still struggling with weight gain but I don't know it's a supply issue or not. However, I'm soon out of MMP and am wondering if I should buy more or get the separate supplements again (or just buy whatever is cheaper?!)?

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    Default Re: Question about More Milk Plus and blessed thistle/fenugreek

    The herbal supplement industry is pretty much unregulated when you compare it to the drug industry. The potency of what is in a bottle varies a lot, the claims that companies make about the efficacy of their products are not subject to the same standards as, say, those on a bottle of aspirin are, and there are few clinical trials to back up dosage information.

    Basically, yu have to read your body and decide whether or not the supplements are working for you. I personally am not a big fan of bottled supplements and teas. What worked best for me was plain old fenugreek seed from the grocery store. I knew I was taking enough when my sweat and urine smelled like maple syrup.

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    Default Re: Question about More Milk Plus and blessed thistle/fenugreek

    agree with Mommal about trying to gauge what's working best for your body. For me, fenugreek worked the best (and it upset my stomach far less than MMP) - I didn't know to try fenugreek seed at the time, i probably would have given that a shot. Probably the cheapest.

    I ended up getting a case of fenugreek on amazon pretty inexpensively. MMP is much more expensive, at least around here.
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