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Thread: I think we're going to end up weaned

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    You can call me JoMo!

    Mom to baby boy Joe, born 5/4/09 and breastfed for more than two and a half years, and baby girl Maggie, born 7/9/12.

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    That's great
    Mom to Taiga born 6/2010

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    BF for 1 year and she and I still love it !!!!

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    Default Re: I think we're going to end up weaned

    Aww thats great!!! He's so young. I would have been freaking out too!
    Proud mom of 2:
    DD 5/2008 nursed for 3 years and 3 months.
    DS born 8/2011 nursing like a champ

    Sorry for the short responses...always, always, always NAK or holding a baby

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    Default Re: I think we're going to end up weaned

    So, I've read these forums off and on for three and a half years but just took the time today to figure out how to write (so I hope that I'm doing it right!). This thread was so encouraging to me.

    My sixteen-month-old son still nurses three times a day, enthusiastically when he wakes up in the morning, half-heartedly before lunch, and the third time just depends on how he feels after his afternoon nap. He's sick right now, and the stuffy nose makes it hard for him to nurse, but I don't want him to stop. (We had major difficulties starting nursing, so he's only been at the breast for twelve months even though he's been breast-milk-fed since birth.) I was worrying that he'd wean himself over this stuffy nose (and learning to walk), but this encouraged me that we don't have to go down that path yet. I'm just letting him do what he wants, but I make sure that I always offer the breast when I think that might be it.

    Thanks (for this thread and lots of other helpful tips I've picked up here).

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