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    I returned to work and I'm pumping twice a day. So far, so good, but I've noticed that at times I get 1-1.5 oz more from my right breast than my left.

    I don't think too much of it when I've fed LO at 6 am on the left side and I'm pumping at 9 am. I figure that that side hasn't filled back up.

    I wouldn't think there is too much I can do to get supply up on one side only. I'm not too worried because even though individually there is a discrepancy, as a team, I'm getting 10-12 oz over the two pumping sessions.

    Is it common to have a few oz more from one side? Should the amount be the same at the second pumping (sometimes the right side still produces more)? BOth breasts feel soft and empty after pumping. I pump for 10 minutes, so I'm sure I'm emptying them.


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    As a team I always ended up with a little bit more out of one breast.

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    Leftie has always been my heavy hitter in terms of pumping output. There can be a difference of up to 4-5 oz for me sometimes.

    Both my kiddos seemed satisfied when nursing on either breast.

    Totally normal!
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    I have noticed, and you might too, that on the side with less, that the milk density is higher. I block nurse so when I go to double pump at work one side is always clear clear foremilk at first while the side which was nursed recently is already hindmilk and very white. Mix your bottles!

    I have pumped 7oz on one side and only 4oz on the other just today. Your body will also be slower to refill both if you double pump vs nurse one side. Its like my body will refill the empty breast first before adding to the already full one. When they are both empty your body is working to refill both so you will feel emptier but it's okay.

    Don't worry, whatever your body is doing is awesome and it knows what's going on better than you ever will!
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    I have the same experience.

    I noticed that I had developed a right side preference at home for nursing and when I remember to alternate every feeding (I nurse one-sided per nursing) for a few days, I get a more even output.

    I like the "as a team" too. Very cute.

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