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    I am in need of major help....I have 3 week old twins, and having a hard time breastfeeding. Initially I breastfed exclusively for the first 3 days, however the babies developed jaundice and were losing weight too quickly...so we needed to suppliment with formula in the hospital...I was doing every other feeding as formula. My milk had not come in until we were home from the hospital, post partum day 6!, and it has never seemed to be very abundant since. Once we came home, 2 weeks ago...the babies were not satisfied after breastfeeding so I would suppliment with formula. I see myself getting further away from breastfeeding, as they continue to demand more milk than I am making. They are only 3 weeks old and I want to make sure they are properly nourished. Initially my plan was to pump often, and to be able to offer breast milk for every feeding. However, I find that when I pump I only get a total (from both breasts) of 1/4 oz - 1.5 oz. My babies are eating about 2 oz every 3 hours..and I cannot even pump enough in one day for more than a bottle for each of them. I have been giving them bottles of formula now for most feedings because I have not seen any increase in my milk supply yet and am getting frustrated. Is it too late to start all over at 3 weeks, and try to build my supply with offering more nursing sessions?
    I just feel like at this point it is draining me physically and emotionally and I dont want to continue trying to do something that may never come back. Also, I was nursing right in the recovery room after labor...they say this helps ensure your milk comes in. I never get the feeling of full breast, they have not increased in size, and I rarely leak anything. I am just worried that I am stuck with formula from now on.

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    Hi There! Congratulations on the babies mama! Twins!

    I am always surprised when women say they don't think they have enough milk. Although this is the case for some women, it is a small percentage. Why do you think you don't have enough. Pumping is not a way to measure what you produce. Pumps cannot extract milk the way the babies can. Plus, many women don't respond well to a pump.

    I think the hard thing is mostly not being able to measure how much they take in, right? The only way to tell what goes in is what comes out... so the most important questions are
    1. how many diapers are they each having?
    2. are they gaining well? (about 1 oz per day)

    My milk did not come in this time for 5 days and it was hard, that's a lot of stress and I am sure 6 days and twins is even more stressful!

    There is always milk in your breasts. They are never empty. As for not feeling full, I rarely ever feel full. ever. In 12 wks I felt it once, and it was the one night he slept through the night.

    Just think about it, you have twins, they should be nursing a lot. My son nursed all the time, I just sat in a chair and nursed ALL DAY! at about 3:00 pm I didn't take him off until about 6:00 pm in the early weeks. I would just switch back and forth every 1/2 hour or so. Their job is to tell your body to make milk. They stimulate your body to make milk by nursing. If you have twins, your body needs to know to make twice as much milk! So there should be tons of nursing.

    Ok, so you have been using formula. This means that your body doesn't know it should be making all the milk they need. Instead of telling your body to make more milk they had bottles. We can do this though, we can just start telling your body to make more! It will not happen instantly but you can do it. Your milk is still in there, you just need to start nursing more and more. See the link below for details.

    Hopefully other moms with experience with chime in here as to a plan for weaning them from the formula but here is a helpful link in the meantime:


    Lots of moms post this exact question. You should look through the other posts under breastfeeding (0-3 months) and you will learn a lot and feel better.

    Keep us posted! You are doing a great job.

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    thanks for the encouragememt!...since most of my feedings at this point are formula we have tons of wet diapers...but as soon as I start transitioning to more breast I will keep track of all diapers. Thanks for the link too...I am hoping that I can begin to increse the nursings slowly and use pumping to build my milk more quickly. I know I should not focus on the quantity I pump...but I do question the amount of milk I have since my babies never seem satisfied after breastfeeding. I havent been able to breastfeed them both together very much, as it is not as easy as one would think. Since they are still tiny babies, I need to help them latch as well as support their heads a bit. Trying to get them sitauated by myself is hard to do. Then the other dilema is if I breastfeed one at a time, then the second baby is usually quite upset and hungry while having to wait.

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    Have you been to see a lactation consultant, preferably an IBCLC? I think it would be money well-spent. If you could get help on positioning and latching, maybe you'd be able to nurse the babies simultaneously, and that would free you up more to do some supply-building pumping.

    What sort of pump do you have? Sometimes moms try to raise supply using underpowered pumps, and it just leaves them frustrated. You can't pull a tractor out of a ditch using a tricycle!

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    Thanks, I actually left a message today for a local La Leche consultant. As for the pump I have, it is a Medela Pump In Style.

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    Great on both counts.

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