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Thread: starting solids question.

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    Default starting solids question.

    Lets see if I can word this so it sounds right. I am want to know when you guys started solids and what they were. The advice on that is the most confusing that I have ever read. I mean it can be bad like you will read start it at four months then some say start it at 6 months and what is with drs if you kid spits up add rice cereal if I had a nickel for every time I have heard that I would be rich. And drs will also tell you to add rice to up a babys calorie intake.

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    Default Re: starting solids question.

    6 months. But not very much and not every day. I think by 7-8 months I was offering at least once a day. We didn't do cereal. We did whole foods. So DD's first foods were Bananas, broccoli, stuff like that. She loved rice cakes though.
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    Default Re: starting solids question.

    Here is a link that should answer your questions


    We didn't start solids until 6 months and we did it very slowly (putting no pressure on ourselves or our little one).
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    Default Re: starting solids question.

    If you scroll down a little, there's a whole forum devoted to Introducing Solids. There are some great resources in there!
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    Default Re: starting solids question.

    I think you nailed it- the advice on solids is all over the map. Some docs say 4 months, some say 6, others say that solids are optional until around a year. And the rice cereal thing... Don't get me started! I don't know if thickened feeds help with relfux or not, but rice cereal certainly isn't a great choice if you want to promote weight gain. It's just starch with fome additional vitamins and minerals- not the healthiest stuff, nor the most calorie rich. However, rice cereal can be a good choice for babies who are anemic, since it's an easy way to get them to consume some additional iron.

    Definitely check out the solids forum. There's great info there.

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