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Thread: Night nursing-burping cycle

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    Default Night nursing-burping cycle

    My son is 5 weeks and we have been cosleeping since he came home from the hospital. Early on he would side nurse and get back to sleep relatively easy but in the past week or so he has been gassy fussy after a night nurse. The gas is so bad it wakes him up but so does a burping. Then once he's awake the only way he wants to go back to sleep for me is by eating again and it becomes a vicious cycle. Any suggestions??

    On a side note-yesterday at work I had a harder time than usual with pumping and frustration made me quit before I fully emptied 2 out of 3 times. Will/can this affect my supply? Little Man has been nursing pretty much all day and acting like he's never fully satisfied. I'm hoping its just a growth spurt but I'm kinda worried.
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    Mama, sounds like he may be taking in a bit too much air at night when he's nursing which is *totally* normal if he's just a tad bit lazier about his latch while he's dream-feeding.

    Does it disturb him too much if you get him slightly elevated while you're feeding him? It may make him a bit more "aware" without being completely alert if that makes sense.

    And yes, Mama, if you put down the pump before you're empty it can signal to your breasts that you're making enough milk and slow down production. My advice is always to pump through two letdowns, not just a set number of minutes.

    And I *totally* understand getting frustrated. The thing that always helped me when I get tense, stressed, frustrated was closing my eyes and doing breathing exercises. It calmed me completely, helped my letdown come faster, and helped me fill the bottles faster.

    Hope this helps!
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    Default Re: Night nursing-burping cycle

    I don't burp my baby at night. I do think the gas from that wakes her up before she might wake up on her own, but it would wake me up a lot more to sit up and burp her in the middle of the night. I'm lazy that way, I guess.

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