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Thread: breastfeeding in hot weather

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    Default breastfeeding in hot weather


    since the warmer weather is coming about...do you guys have any tips for breastfeeding in hot weather? Just today I think my little one didn't want to breastfeed as long and/or kept falling asleep because our body heat was making her hot. I tried fanning her while she was feeding and seemed to help if I got the right speed otherwise the airflow seemed to distract her. For the most part we have air con at home but sometimes we won't have that luxury esp if we're out and about.

    Just wondering how you guys are dealing with it.

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    i strip my lo down to his diaper (ignoring the dirty looks from everyone else for not keeping my baby clothed!!)
    also i keep some clean burp cloths and a bottle of water(room temp) handy. if he gets extra hot i get the burp rag a little wet, and pat him down with it to cool him off.

    honestly he gets hot all the time even when its not extreme heat, so i try to avoid doing things where i know he gets uncomfortably hot. with a little planning, like today, i can pretty much keep him cool. i had my mom take turns with me staying indoors with him at the family cookout, so he did not overheat. :/ dont know if you have anyone to help you out with situations like that.
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    also i have noticed my lo doesnt want to eat as often when its hot out, but he makes up for it at night!! even i dont have much of an appetite when it starts to be summer ether
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