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Thread: Is 2-3 times a day enough? Please help!

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    Default Is 2-3 times a day enough? Please help!

    After reading some posts here, I'm really getting anxious about this, so please help!

    My 15 month old daughter nurses 2-3 times a day these days. She barely drinks some cows milk, but eats yogurt and cheese. She eats 3 meals a day plus some snacks. However, is this enough? It is true she has gone down from 6-7 times a day at 12 mos to 2-3 times now. I thought this was enough and honestly now I'm going back to work seriously, I can't really go back to the 6-7 times day, nor does she seem to want to nurse that much.

    Is she getting enough? should I be offering more or trying to get her to take other forms of milk. She is small, so I'm worried I'm compromising her growth.

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    Default Re: Is 2-3 times a day enough? Please help!

    I'm not a doctor but I would say yes that's probably enough with the amount of solids. How are her diapers? Does she seem happy, alert, content, etc? Has she lost any weight? If not I wouldn't worry.
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    Default Re: Is 2-3 times a day enough? Please help!

    After a year, nursing frequency can vary a lot. As long as your baby is nursing 4-5 times per day, you don't need to worry about her calcium or fat intake. If she's nursing less that that, it's not a problem- you just have to make sure her diet contains some full-fat dairy products (whole milk, yogurt, cheese) or other fat and calcium rich foods.

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