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    Good morning!

    New here to posting but have been to the site for advice.

    My son is 23 months. Nurses quite a bit still.

    Lately, he has been somewhat demanding me to "go sit" in a chair in our bedroom to nurse. We have nursed virtually everywhere in our home, never a specific chair.

    My question is, do I give in and go to the specific chair? He will ask to nurse while I am on our couch and still want to go the "the chair".

    I have been telling him we can have milk where I am sitting but he gets really frustrated. I am not trying to battle him and I really have no problem going to "the chair" but wondering if I need to have boundaries with this?

    Not sure. Just wanted to have some thoughts thrown out to me. Thank you!

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    Welcome! Sounds like you have a typical toddler on your hands.

    Whether or not you lay down the law on the chair is really up to you. With a toddler, you end up in a sort of give-and-take situation. Sometimes you stand firm, sometimes you yield. There's no one right way to do things, and sometimes bowing to your child is a good thing. Maybe you could see this as a teachable moment? Like if you say "I will sit down in the chair if you say 'please'"- then you're teaching him that manners will help him get his way.

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    Thank you so very much.

    I felt I was on the right track and have been asking him to say please, which he does... melts my heart.

    I appreciate your reply.

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    i understand how youre worried about giving in to his demands but look at it this way, for some reason he enjoys nursing in that chair and it doesnt harm anyone and as long as he doesnt ask in a rude way, why not? if youre not feeling like going to the chair you can explain that youll do it some other time but not now, btw have you tried asking whats so special about the chair? now im curious keep us posted

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    Glad this is "normal" !! DD has been making DH and me play musical chairs lately.
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    If it were me I think I'd just to to "the chair". Because you said you really have no problem going to it. If it were inconvenient for you that would be different.

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