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Thread: LOW supply, and going back to WORK

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    Hi I have an 8 week old baby and I been having a few low supply issues, a couple weeks ago I was having low supply and I think it was because a growth spur; but im going back to work next week and I;m having issues with a low supply it seems like my baby is not getting enough because even when my baby eats from both sides he still eats his hands like he was hungry, I've been pumping but i only get about 4 oz combined trough the day, and my baby is starting to use a bottle and he seems so frustrated when milk is not coming as fast as the fake nipple. yesterday i had to mix 1 oz formula with 2 oz breastmilk because i was so dry i had to use what i pumped that morning and now im concerned that with me going back to work and not been able to pump as much my supply will really decrease and i wont be able to breastfeed him a 100% and i will have to start mixing. Please help me; i have tried from the mothers milk tea, to oatmeal, I wanted to try the fenugreek tablets but they are 610 mg and i was reading that you shouldn't take more than a 100 mg a day. so i dont know what to do

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    You're pumping after LO eats? It may be normal that you don't get a big amount when you pump.

    To be honest, we had to suplement DD when I first started working (she hated it though), but it was only for a while. Then I got better at pumping and now I have a good stash, and I've never had to feed her formula again. Don't feel bad if you really need to do it.

    I've also read that eating sesame seeds helps too .

    Have you checked if you got really slow flow nipples for your bottles?

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