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Thread: Bad latch after strike-any ideas?

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    Default Bad latch after strike-any ideas?

    DD2 is 18 mths and it looks like she has just come out of her 4th strike. I really thought this was it since with the other strikes, she would nurse for maybe 2 min first thing in the morning. This time she wouldn't do anything at all for over 10 days.

    Problem is, her latch is really bad and anything I do to try and get her mouth open wider just makes her not do it. So I have been letting her do it her way and the milk doesn't always letdown, its not hurting but I would like her to always get as much milk (she is FTT). I have been pumping and getting about 18-19 oz per day since she stopped so the supply should be ok (I hope). She has never been a super enthusiastic nurser but I really want to keep doing it, 18 mths just isn't enough for me personally.

    Any advice?

    Mom to Abigail, born May 3rd, 2007 (self-weaned at 27 mths) and Charlotte, born Nov. 24th, 2009. Both reflux babies and EBF. Charlotte weighs 31 lbs at 26 mths.

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    Default Re: Bad latch after strike-any ideas?

    Wow, you must be one persistent mama to get her back to the breast after so many strikes! Have you tried making it a game? Like, you open your mouth really wide, and try to get her to mimic you?

    Another thing that might work is pumping the other side as she nurses. If you can stimulate a letdown on the pumped breast, the nursed breast might let down, too.

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    Default Re: Bad latch after strike-any ideas?

    I don't have any advice for you but keep up the good work!!! Why do you say your LO is FTT. 18 mos and 22 pounds is about what my daughter is and she's completely normal, just petite. You're doing great mama!
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