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Thread: Pumping while on vacation w/o LO

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    Default Pumping while on vacation w/o LO

    We're going to take Melissa,our 6 yr old, to Disneyland at the end of August. Heather, our little one will be 10.5 months at that point. We're going to have my mom come stay with her. I've gone back and forth, but this is really the best option. Heather wouldn't be able to go on hardly any rides and I think the Melissa and me and hubby will have more fun if we don't have to take turns on the rides. Melissa has been such a great big sister and so good with the baby, this is kind of a 'special big sister' reward trip, plus we've really been wanting to take her. I'll have plenty of milk frozen by then, I already have about 175 oz or so. We'll be gone 3 nights.
    So, here's the question. I'll bring my pump (I work full time and pump already) and plan on pumping pretty much every 3hrs or so. But, what do I do with the pumped milk. We'll have a hotel room with (hopefully with a small fridge/freezer). But we have to fly back (probably switch planes at least once). If I can find a way to freeze the milk, can I put it in a cooler bag and take it back on the plane? Maybe check it in? Or do I just need to dump it? I hate to dump 3 or so days worth of milk!
    Any ideas or suggestions would be great. Also, anyone been to Disneyland and pumped? Are there any good places for that? We'll be staying right across the street, so I thought worst case I could go to the hotel and pump at lunch (we can eat there) and once in the afternoon while DH goes on rides with the 6 yr old.

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    Default Re: Pumping while on vacation w/o LO

    You'd probably want to check in with the airline to see what they'd require.

    Not the same as milk, but we were bringing perishables back from a trip. Everything was frozen, we packed it with ice packs and we had to have a rigid cooler (they won't take soft sided because they'll get crushed). We checked it in with our luggage (get a tag for it), we didn't tape it shut until they had inspected it. Pack everything in really tight, add paper if you have to.

    When we got home, everything was still frosty.
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    Default Re: Pumping while on vacation w/o LO

    I have flown with 5 day's worth of pumped milk. I had no problem.

    I would not freeze it beforehand. Once milk is frozen, you have to use it within 24 hours of thawing. Make sure you have a fridge in your room before you get there (call ahead of time and explain what you need, your hotel should accommodate you). Get a good portable cooler to carry your milk around while you are at the park - I have one by playtex that is really good.

    When you fly back, I would have the milk in bags instead of bottles. Bring a good insulated cooler; soft side would be best. I had one that was designed to transport meds, where you put the ice in a separate pouch, but a large lunch cooler would also be good. Bring lots and lots of ziploc bags to put ice in. Go through the special "medical liquids" line at security. Explain to them that you are transporting breast milk. I brought a printed copy of the FAA rules on breast milk (I'd link it, but Im on my phone), but ended up not needing it. Request a visual inspection. They may ask you to open one of the bags, but they are NOT supposed to put anything into the actual milk, or make you taste it, or anything like that. If they make you dump your ice (I didn't have to), you can fill up additional ziplocs at a restaurant or something.

    If you check it (I wouldn't), you will want dry ice.

    As far as pumping at Disney, I think they have family rooms. There was a thread about it a few weeks back - if I can get on a real computer I'll see if I can find it.
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