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Thread: nursing enough? and weight loss while nursing a toddler?

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    Default nursing enough? and weight loss while nursing a toddler?

    I guess I have two questions about nursing my 15 month old daughter.

    Currently, she nurses anywhere between 2-4 times a day (morning and bed time and for naps if I'm around. If I'm working, she is fine napping with water/milk/nothing at all). She also eats a variety of other foods, yogurt and cheese included, but almost no cow's milk.
    Now after reading posts where people say they are still nursing their toddler 8-10 times a day or more, I'm really confused. My daughter definitely doesn't want to nurse that often, she seems too busy playing or eating other stuff. She only occasionally wakes up to nurse at night (like now, when she is teething I think). But is this enough? Is she getting enough nutrition especially as she doesn't drink cow's milk much?

    My second question is, is it ok to diet intensively at this stage? I was careful not to diet through the first year because I didn't want to risk affecting my supply but I am desperate to get rid of the excess weight I'm still carrying around. I'm so done with it and want to be thin again. Can I diet and exercise intensively (I would eat healthy, not crazy), w/o risking my supply now?

    Thanks for any advice/help!

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    Default Re: nursing enough? and weight loss while nursing a toddler?

    That's sounds just fine. As long as she eats well, I wouldn't worry. That said even if she didn't eat well, my son would not nurse more than that at 15 mos. Sometimes they get picky, ya know toddlers.

    Any consolation my son still doesn't drink cows milk at 18 mos and we weaned around 15 mos (I'm expecting again and he did it on his own) He will only eat yogurt/cheese. I still offer it but he won't drink a measurable amount, just a sip. Silly boy!!

    Oh and not sure about dieting. I'd be careful if you do. Exercise is good and eating a variety of foods, nothing wrong with that.
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    Default Re: nursing enough? and weight loss while nursing a toddler?

    thanks! I guess cow's milk isn't that critical then. and my daughter does generally love her "gogurt" and cheese.
    yeah I guess focusing on exercise and just eating healthy will be the way I have to go though I am so tempted to go for a radical diet--so tired of being fat!

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    Default Re: nursing enough? and weight loss while nursing a toddler?

    Correct, cows milk is not a big deal. If you are still nursing 2-4 times daily and offering calcium and iron rich foods you are fine. Cows milk is just a CONVENIENT source of these vitamins so thats why they push it.

    And every kiddo is different about how many times a day they still nurse as a toddler. Some kids are 8-10 times day some are only once. Both is perfectly normal!

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