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Thread: Bringing a toddler back to breast

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    Colleen, everything about this is just a dream come true! I'm so happy for you and Silas AND Lola, that you all get to share this new awakening of relationship. I hope this does end up relieving a big portion of Silas' stress and lets him turn that energy toward making himself at home in his world and his body.

    ETA: I just saw the pictures!

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    Thanks Teal! I really believe that it will help him. I have always thought that in the end a big part of his stress was that he weaned too soon. He was always a HUGE comfort nurser and then one day my milk was just gone. It wasn't fair to him. He was too young yet. He still needed nursing. Even Brandon thinks so too. Some kiddos do fine weaning before two but I think Silas really NEEDED to nurse longer. I just hope that this really does help him regulate a little. We'll see......
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    Such sweet pics! And for Silas "seeing" Lola! Now he's found a common interest with her.
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