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Thread: Sterilizing Question

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    Not sure how long your pump was in storage but when I began using mine for baby #2, I replaced the shields, membranes and valves and sterilized those and the rest in boiling water. I don't use my pump often but when I do, we just handwash the parts and air dry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*jbean1979 View Post
    funny - i feel like our dishwasher only leaves residue on plastic, not glass so i always did the glass bottles in the dishwasher and plastic by hand (i'm also weird about heating plastic).

    But when in doubt, i normally just DO throw everything in a big pot and boil.
    Our dishwasher seems to like to leave residue in coffee cups. And plastic.

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    In *our* position I'd skip the dishwasher and boil, but that's because our dishwasher is horrid and doesn't deserve the title dishwasher. It's more a dishrinser and that's putting it nicely. It leaves little particles of food and blech all over everything, so it'd probably deposit the same stuff in areas of the pump I parts I couldn't reach to re-wash.

    Sorry, I digress.

    But if my dishwasher wasn't crappy, I'd totally run them through there and not worry about it.
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