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Thread: Nipple turned nighttime pacifier....HELP!

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    Default Nipple turned nighttime pacifier....HELP!

    Hi All,

    My daughter is almost 3 weeks old and nurses about every 2.5-3 hrs for about 30-35 minutes. For some reason at night though (even after just eating) she wants to be latched onto my nipple in order to soothe herself to sleep. She won't even be sucking so I will try and release thinking she is asleep and then she wakes angry and starts to cry until I put it back in and she starts to fall asleep and process starts all over. How can I get any rest?! I've tried the Soothie pacifier and she doesn't care for pacifiers, she only wants my nipple. Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: Nipple turned nighttime pacifier....HELP!

    My 4 week old is the same way. At night, we use the side-lying position exclusively, and I just sleep with him latched on (we co-sleep). So far I haven't found anything that works to detach him without waking him up.

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    My 3 month old does the samething I have to nurse her to sleep. She seems to have gotten a little better about taking the pacifier ,but I can't tell you how many times I went to sleep leaning aginst the headbord and her nursing. But I think it's more she like the puressure on her tummy. And why would she want a pacifier when she has me lol. At night she takes the pacifier a little more now. Which before it was none at all.

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    Especially when a baby is going through a growth spurt (and three weeks is a common time for that!) they will want to be latched on all.the.time. It's their way of making sure that your body gets the signal to make more milk for their growing bodies! It's usually temporary.

    For nighttime comfort nursing, I always allowed Joe to nurse when he was swallowing and getting milk, but if the suction got fluttery and soft, I would sometimes gently delatch. Then if he cried, latch back on, but again, delatch when it got fluttery. This can also be a good time to try the boob-pacifier switch-a-roo. You might not see results on the first day, but after a while, baby learns to sleep without being latched on. Though generally this improves with time anyway. I think for a newborn, being latched on EQUALS being safe and next to mom. Even a few inches of space can make a baby feel insecure at that age, you know? Because all they know is that they should keep mom, and her breasts, CLOSE AT HAND. It's a survival thing. As baby becomes more secure in mom's presence, this tends to ease up, but newborns are too young to understand anything other than BOOB IN MOUTH, you know?

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    my LO is a month old and 1 week. we went through the same thing! he's actually better now... i think it was just a phase? now when i delatch him and he starts to get fussy i'll either offer him a finger or i bounce/rock him back to sleep.

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    Default Re: Nipple turned nighttime pacifier....HELP!

    OH yes, the boobie as pacifier! Gordie does this, and I have just recently been taking him off by slipping my finger in his mouth to ease out the nipple, hold him another 5 min. then put him down (he's almost 5 mo).
    I would've loved to put a binkie in his mouth when he was done eating but still wanting to suck but the little man will not have anything to do with it!!!!
    Your LO is still young, yes I agree, it's a security/survival thing, the first 3 months they are still in thier 'fetus' stage and need assurance to ease into this new world.
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