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Thread: Fussy Baby Suddenly Clamping Down.. Ouch!

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    This is my first DD, and unfortunately we've had issues with BF'ing from the start. It was difficult for her to latch on in the beginning, and I wound up bringing her home with a nipple shield, SNS, and a pump to bring my milk in. After a lot of work from both of us, she was weaned from all the gadgets and was gaining weight well by week 2.

    Now she is 8 weeks old and has gotten very fussy, even while eating. Her latch is also pretty bad and almost seems like it's getting worse. She's started to tuck in her lips very tightly, and pull off my breast until she is just clamped down on my nipple. After just a few moments of starting, she'll start to whine, flail her arms, and pull on my nipple until she is completely unlatched and crying. My nipples have started to blanch after feedings and it has become very painful.

    First of all, what is going on with my poor baby? Second of all, how do I help her achieve a better latch? I have tried my best to make her open her mouth wide and flange her lips but I'm not having any luck. Please help!

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    Hi mama, sorry it took us so long to get to your post! How are things going right now?

    There are a lot of reasons why babies act fussy at the breast. This link covers them: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/concerns/...e-nursing.html. I would take a close look at the information about fast letdowns- often that explains the behavior you're experiencing. But there are plenty of other options in the link. Let us know if anything looks familiar!

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