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Thread: Ducts that just won't unplug

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    Question Ducts that just won't unplug

    I've had plugged ducts for about a month and a half, right behind the areola, both breasts - they feel like hardened lumps (at this point, size of a very large peanut M&M). They started off painful. I was able to break them down a little by sub-merging my breasts in hot water and massaging. At some point I did the antibiotic route. They aren't painful anymore, and are obviously not completed clogged or they'd be getting worse. I've had them so long - that I've sort of gotten used to them. I was very aggressive at getting rid of them when they first appeared; but now since they don't hurt I've been ignoring them and hoping that baby will help dislodge whatever is there. Occassionally using heat now and then.

    My question is - has anybody else ever had plugged ducts for this long? I'm taking lecithin and cutting back on saturated fats. Is this normal? I went to the doctor and he didn't seem to concerned (or knowledgeable about it - he was a new doctor). Just wanted to see if anybody else had a similar experience.
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    Default Re: Ducts that just won't unplug

    Hi mama. Sorry to ask an obvious question, but have you inspected your nipples REALLY well for the possible source of blockage?

    I have had several "traditional" blocked ducts where I just squeezed out some dried gunk or pulled of a flake of skin ar the nipple opening to fix it. But I also had a little lump behind my areola similar to what you describe in a duct that at times would back up. I suspect I had (still have) stubborn thrush which was messing with the duct and causing the blockage. Gently poking the opening in my nipple with a pin would increase the flow, but I think the little lump just resolved on its own in a few weeks.

    I'm afraid I'm not much help, but I just wanted to put that out there for you. Good luck...
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