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    I'm confused and lost on this.

    I have started to pump for relactation to feed my God-daughter since her mother is not able to.

    I have a DS that just turned 5 a week ago, when he seen me pumping he wanted to suckle. Do I try and explain to him that he is too old or let him for comfort? He has broncitis right now so I am really confused on letting him for comfort or not. He has not been on the breast since he was 2 weeks old as my husband gave him a bottle when my milk supply was low and he never took back to my boobs, so I pumped and bottle fed it.

    Should I let him suckle, it will help bring my milk back faster I seen in some searches, or do I try to explain to him that he is too old to suckle?

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    I am not sure about that...I guess it is a personal decision. My DS is also 5 and he sees me nursing his little sister. He sometimes will lean over and make believe he is nursing, but has never actually ASKED to try it out. He never nursed, but was fed EBM from a bottle due to his cleft lip and palate. Sometimes I feel sad that we never got to physically nurse, and if he asked to do so now I am pretty sure I would tell him it is only for babies.

    good luck!!!

    Oh, why is the mom not able to produce milk for her baby??? Do you know there are sites for milk sharing so maybe you dont have to induce lactationon yourself?? I think its called Feats for Eats, and MilkShare.
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    A very personal decision. I don't know that allowing a 5 year-old to nurse will generate much stimulation- I think he'd try it and be done pretty quickly. So if you're thinking of trying it for that reason alone, I don't know that I'd bother.

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