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Thread: Relactating after 5 years...

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    Default Relactating after 5 years...

    My friend had a preemie baby, due to alot of medication she is on she can't breastfeed, we was talking one night while we was at the hospital and we came to the conclusion that I should relactate to supply the baby breastmilk instead of her having formula.

    I bought a Medela PIS Advance 3 days ago and have been pumping every few hours or so, I was just wondering if there is anyone out there that can give me some advice on how I can start to relactate sooner then later?? I would like to keep it medication free, I am open to herbs or things in that nature, but I have read so many things about the prescribed medication and I would like to stay away from that..

    I appreciate any advice I can get, I would love to start building my milk supply sooner then later so I can start giving the precious some milk instead of formula.

    It is not possible for me to have precious suckle as she is incubated and not to be out of the incubator. I will do what I need to do as long as it does not include her suckling as that is just not possible.

    Please any advice would be great.

    **Also on a side not what is the best cream for sore nipples? Mine are SOOOO sore from pumping, but I can't take a break from it as I need the milk sooner then later.

    Thank you soo much in advance.

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    Default Re: Relactating after 5 years...

    That's an amazing gift you are planning to give your friend. Would she consider nursing the baby herself if the medications allowed? A lot of moms are told "No, you can't nurse, you're on this or that drug," when the real answer is "Yes, that drug is fine for nursing." A lot of docs are very overconservative about combining breastfeeding and medications.

    The more you pump, the faster you will relactate. You can try using the herbs fenugreek, oatmeal, and blessed thistle to boost supply, but I personally wouldn't expect too much from them. Herbs aren't a substitute for pumping.

    I'd suggest seeing a lactation consultant for help with the sore nipples. Your shields may be the wrong size- that's a common cause of soreness. Try lubricating your nipples with some olive oil. It may reduce soreness and chaffing.

    Has your friend contacted a milk bank? That may allow her to get human milk for her baby as you persue the relactation process.

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    She is taking insulin, a diabetic pill, depression medicine and 2 other, I forgot what they are. I am not sure the names of the medication, I will find out from her tonight when she gets home from the hospital.

    I have called my doctor and she is against a mother giving her baby another persons milk, so she will be no help at all in this situation. I am in the process of finding a new doctor as my current one puts her personal thoughts and beliefs in her medical practice and it just isn't right.

    I was wondering, I have read on another post to pump 10 times a day (or was it 8?) for a week and if there is no result then go to herbs for a week or two and if there is no results then seek prescription medication, does anyone know if that method would work?

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    Default Re: Relactating after 5 years...

    this is very generous of you to do this for your friend. I would also suggest that she make sure that her medications are incompatible with breastfeeding. Does she have any other mommy friends who are currently breastfeeding who could help?

    I know I have said that if I had plenty of milk and one of my sisters had low supply I would share with them. My sister gave us a few oz when I had low supply but I just think it'd be a lot easier if you were already nursing.
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    We have double and triple checked her medication, not only have the doctors told us, we have done numerous online researches on them. She is not able to produce milk due to the one medicine, it has been a proven fact from the doctors statements and what we have found online and she hasn't been able to produce any no matter how much she has pumped to even try and produce.

    I wish we knew someone else who is also breastfeeding at this time as she is real picky about this as it is what is going in her daughter.

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    Default Re: Relactating after 5 years...

    Did you call www.infantrisk.com? They are the Gold Standard of medications and BF. They probably won't be open to calls until Tuesday - after the holiday.

    That's an amazing gift.

    I hope that they baby gets some breastmilk - one way or another.

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    Default Re: Relactating after 5 years...

    I think it is so sweet what you are doing for your friend. to you!
    I had a somewhat similar experience in that I was told not to breastfeed due to my medications-by a LOT of people, and nobody could tell me why. I had to find a specialist and by the time I did my milk was dried up. I relactated from scratch which was very hard and did take a couple of months but I am very glad I did-just that the doctors would ever have discouraged me breastfeeding in the first place. Out of line! If you would like, click on the link (the blue part) in my signature to read my story-you will find a lot of information on relactation and how I was able to do it, as well as tips for comfort pain management during the process ect. I think you'll find answers to a lot of the questions/concerns you've addressed in this post.

    As for nipple cream, my top 3 picks personally are Earth Mama Angel Baby's Nipple Butter, Mothercare's Nurturing Nipple Balm & Motherlove's Nipple Cream in that order. All great products .
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