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Thread: Planning to wean...I think

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    Default Planning to wean...I think

    My DS will turn one next month *sigh,* and I had always planned to wean him at that age. Now, I have to admit I'm having second thoughts, with a few exceptions. I'm wondering how to go about "partial" weaning--just weaning from the day feeds. My LC recommended this, but I wanted to hear of any experience that Mommies have had with this.

    Currently, my DS nurses around sleep times (in the morning, before naps, before bed). He sleeps through the night from about 8 pm until about 5 am. He eats solids also. My DS hasn't taken a bottle since he was 6 weeks old, so he's just gotten his milk from the source always, which is fine because I've been a SAHM. However, in August, after a 14-month maternity leave, I'll be returning to work..... This is where the "partial" weaning idea came from. I would nurse him in the morning (about 6 am) and after work (starting at about 3 pm). Is this something that is doable?

    As of right now, my DS does not drink from a cup. I do offer, and have been for a couple months now, but he will only sip from it (I've tried a sippy cup, a regular cup, and a straw cup), but I know it's still early so I'm giving him more time. This is another concern of mine since I'm not entirely sure if it's a great idea for him to go so long without drinking. I'm not totally worried about my supply since I'm pretty sure by this time it will be established, so I don't think I'll need to pump (nor do I want to--as a teacher, it's hard to find time).

    Any advice you can give me on how to handle returning to work and day weaning would be helpful.

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    Default Re: Planning to wean...I think

    I nursed Lilah until she was two and stopped pumping for day feeds at the sitter when she was 13 months old. I nursed on demand on weekends and in the evenings/overnight with no engorgement problems at work.

    djs.mom went back to work when her son was about that age and did not pump. Hopefully she'll see this thread and comment on it.

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    Default Re: Planning to wean...I think

    It is definitely possible to partially wean at that age. As you approach going back to work, you may want to help him learn to go to sleep without nursing and I'd keep at it with the sippy cup. Will he drink your milk from a cup? Are you using a "stopper" in the cups to make them spill-proof? If so, maybe try it without.

    Nursing a toddler is VERY different than nursing a baby. They are definitely not as dependent on your milk (in most situations) if they are eating solids well so it is easier to partially wean but those morning and night nursing sessions will likely be a nice reconnecting time for you two.
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    Default Re: Planning to wean...I think

    This is very doable. I also didn't think about nursing my LO past one until all of sudden he was getting close to one and nursing was way to important to the both of us to just stop. I work nights 12 hour shifts but I think I pump weaned soon after he turned a year. He wouldn't take the bottle anyway so he just ate and had water or some juice and nursed when I was home. It's a very natural progression and I think it will work well for you. Congrats on making it this far and thinking of going farther.
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    Default Re: Planning to wean...I think

    Yes. Totally doable. I fed on demand until he was 14months old. And the place I work had no where pump. But it was a non issue. I was pretty full the first couple of days...but not sore or engorged. And We just fed on demand while together and he drank water and solids while away from me. I went back to 40-50hours a week. And the Reconnect was really nice. So I wouldn't wean at this point if I was you. He was fine while away from me. And we nursed more on our days off together. If you are still nursing 3-5times in a 24hour period there is no need to even try to replace with cow's milk. Since your milk is higher in nutrients and Fat. I think that is hard for some women to believe. But the reccomendation about cow's milk is with the assumption that people WILL wean at the year point. And if you do than they NEED SOMETHING. But 3-5times in a 24hour period and you'll be fine.
    Plus, the one year molars are coming. It's nice to be be able to help with that pain. They Suck.

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    Default Re: Planning to wean...I think

    DS is turning one next month too, although Im not plannin on going back to work soon (hehe) I must say that if I had to it would totally break my heart to have to completely wean him, ultimately its your choice but I do think its not only doable but a completely great ide to keep on nursing him when yo have the chance

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