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Thread: return of aunt flo and work

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    Unhappy return of aunt flo and work

    My lo turns 3 months on Memorial Day and has been going 6.5 hours between 1 feeding at night. I have been EBF, no bottles or pacifiers (although he does suck his thumb now). I noticed today some light spotting, and I am guessing my period is coming back? If it is, why so soon? To make matters worse, I return to work on Tuesday may 31

    I am very concerned about my supply dipping! I plan on pumping every 3 hours while I at work. I have tried to wake little one at night to nurse when I am feeling really full, but he latches and falls right back to sleep and unlatches.

    Has anyone been through this? Besides nursing as much as possible when I'm with my son, what can I do to keep my supply up when I go back to work?

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    Default Re: return of aunt flo and work

    As far as getting AF back at any given time, there's a wide range of normal. We co-slept, nursed in demand around the clock, no pacifiers, ect. And DD did not sleep for a log stretch, and I still got af back at 8 weeks post partum. I never had a dip in supply as a result. I don't have any experience with going back to work, but I think it's likely that your LO will pick up on nighttime frequency if you're away during the day.

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    Default Re: return of aunt flo and work

    Would it work to pump at night if your LO isn't nursing then? That could help keep your supply up as well as give you a little extra milk in storage.
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    Default Re: return of aunt flo and work

    AF returned for me about 9 months postpartum as DS began eating more and more solid foods. I do experience a dip in my supply starting a couple days before (that's how I know it's coming), but it returns to normal for me at about 2 days into it. This is me, however, and every woman is different.

    The Kellymom website has good suggestions on ways to maintain your supply during this time. The extra pumping suggested by a PP is good--that's what I do. I typically just pump at night, but while AF is visiting, I also have to pump in the morning. I also nurse him as much as possible when we're together--not an easy task since he's at an age when play is sooooooooooooooooooooo much cooler than eating. I've also noticed that DS nurses a little differently during this time--he's a little more antsy than usual and doesn't stay latched on as long--just my own observations.

    Good luck to you!

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    Default Re: return of aunt flo and work

    Be thankful - mine came back 2 months postpardum even though we were exclusively BF and co sleeping.

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    Default Re: return of aunt flo and work

    I went back to work when my son was 12 weeks and after the first couple days I spotted a TINY bit [ I pump every 2.5 hours and I'm here 10 ] but after that- nothing since!
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