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Thread: IV fluids and supply

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    Default IV fluids and supply

    Okay, I've been posting a lot the last couple days about supply worries... but now I think I do have a worry.

    I've been sick, etc, etc.... took tylenol/advil for fever. My pumping output while LO is at daycare has gone down more and more. Normally, I can pump about 5 oz when I haven't fed for 2.5 -3 hrs. That went to 4 oz a couple days ago, and that was fine... I'm sick, tired, etc.... I was okay with it...

    Now, I was just able to pump 2 oz after 2.5 hrs...!!!! everything else being the same. What happened?

    One thing that just struck me is that on Monday, my fever hadn't broke for 3 days at 104 so the doctor put me under 1.5 litres of IV fluids. I felt GREAT after and my fever broke.... but could that have killed my supply.. b/c since that day, all my pumping sessions have been dwindling. I even noticed my LO frustrated at the breast last night.

    So here I am ... eating oatmeal and trying to google if the IV fluids is what is tanking my supply.

    I am going to drink more water, sleep much earlier tonight and just nurse like crazy. This Memorial long weekend, I'll try a "nursing vacation" for one day... I read that somewhere before.

    Any other suggestions or experience with IV fluids?
    (Gosh, I did ask the doctor and the nurse if the IV fluids were okay since I was breastfeeding, they said it was... I was too weak to debate!)

    Thanks for listening!

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    Default Re: IV fluids and supply

    i would check back with the doctors, maybe call a lll leader in your area? could be its just your body catching back up with being sick and all?
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    Default Re: IV fluids and supply

    There is nothing in typical IV fluids that would impact your supply. Most solutions are basically water and electrolytes. Were you given any other medications beyond tylenol and advil?

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